Wide Oak Solid Timber Engineered Wood Flooring

Wide Oak Solid Timber Engineered Wood Flooring

Specifications 1. 3,4,5mm Wear Layer. 2. 1860*189/190/220*15/4mm 3. Formaldelyde Release: E1 Standard. 4. FSC,CE and ISO9001 Certification. We offer European/Russian/WhiteOak Engineered wood flooring with Variety color finish and specification Description 1. Oak wood flooring Oak wood flooring...

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GS3engineered wood flooring


1. 3,4,5mm Wear Layer. 

2. 1860*189/190/220*15/4mm 
3. Formaldelyde Release: E1 Standard. 
4. FSC,CE and ISO9001 Certification.

We offer European/Russian/WhiteOak Engineered wood flooring with Variety color finish and specification



1. Oak wood flooring 

Oak wood flooring is nearly one of the most widely used  flooring material in the world for centuries.Oak wood has been processed with a wide range of different styles, and various color which can over 50 kinds. Not only in solid but also in engineered types, oak are so widely used than any other solid hardwood species.


2.Engineered oak solid wood timber flooring


  • High Quality -- full solid oak laminated,

  • ECO- friendly -- oak engineered solid wood flooring are poplar in many countries for its good price

  • Fit for every demand -- oak wood is easy to process, it can be stain more than 50 color and have different treatment:smooth, hand-scrape, distressed, etc.


Russian oak AB grade: uniform color, no sapwood,very few and small knots. 
Russian oak CD grade: with small and not many knots, sapwood no more than 15% in total quantity.  
European oak CD grade: with many knots, sapwood no more than 10% in total quantity. 
European oak E grade: with big knots and some cracks filled by black filler or brown filler.

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