Chevron Parquet Flooring Oak Smoked Brushed White Wash

European White Oak,dark smoked white wash matt UV lacquered Chevron Parquet flooring

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Chevron flooring pattern originated in 17th century France, where it quickly became one of the most preferred types of floors in the palaces of the kings and nobility alike. The main difference between chevron and herringbone patterns is that the chevron planks are cut to ensure that each “zig” and “zag” are connected at a 45 degree angle.

In recent times, these beautiful chevrons floors are being installed across the UK and many other parts of the world. If you ever read the latest fashions magazines, you would have noticed that that chevron flooring feature in many fashion shoot. 

With the veneer of European Oak or Walnut, it looks simple and noble. 

It not only ensures the beauty, but also maintains the hardness and wear-resistance of these species themselves.



European Oak/Walnut




  Long planks percentage


  Veneer thickness (mm)


  Veneer cutting


Surface treatment:

Wire Brush & Chemical Treatment



  Click system



Veneer+plywood base


T & G  (More suitable for Plywood core)

Tongue and groove is the traditional method to fit flooring. The planks of flooring have one long side and one short side with a tongue (machined protruding edge) and one long side and one short side with a groove (machined rebated edge). When fitted together the tongue should fit into the groove perfectly creating smooth, gapless flooring. The floor can either be secret nailed, secret screwed or glued directly down to the subfloor, or can be floated over an underlay by gluing along the length and width of the plank and pushing them together.

Tongue and groove flooring is available in both soild and engineered wood, so can be fitted on any subfloor that has been well prepared.

The down side of tongue and groove flooring is that it can be quite challenging to install and may need a professional wooden floor fitter to ensure the floor is correctly installed and to obtain minimum wastage.



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