China Flooring Factory Supplied Herringbone Parquet Flooring

China Flooring Factory Supplied Herringbone Parquet Flooring

This oak herringbone floor is planed and finished in the color Cinzento 50350. The floor has a robust appearance and will gain more and more character with time and intensive use.

Product Details

4 mm top layer at 11 mm waterproof plywood.

15 x 120 x 600 mm
15 x 140 x 700 mm
15 x 150 x 600 mm (3 mm top layer)
15 x 180 x 900 mm



A combination of durability and stability


Our 15 mm herringbone product is available in various sizes. Due to its stable construction, it is a good alternative for a 6 mm or 9 mm tapis, but without the familiar nail holes. This 15 mm is also available in a chevron in addition to the well-known herringbone pattern.

The 15 mm is available in different widths and sizes, such as a 1-bis, rustic or rustic extra with large knots and cracks. In addition, we can supply the same product with a top layer of 3 mm. Looking for a variant for a solid product? It is also possible to supply a 20 mm thickness on request, of which the top layer is 6 mm.




The smoking of oak is done by stimulating a reaction with the tannin in the wood. Due to this reaction, the wood naturally darkens. The fact that each board contains a different amount of tannin, results in natural colour differences.



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