Chevron Flooring

- Mar 09, 2021-

Features Of Chevron Flooring Pattern

History shows that the chevron hardwood flooring pattern originated in France between the 14th and 17th centuries. Following its emergence, kings and noblemen loved it, and it soon became the most preferred flooring type.

With chevron flooring, the rectangular blocks in the pattern run with one point touching another in a chevron flooring pattern. The blocks’ ends are cut at an angle of 45°, creating a zigzag design that is continuous. The chevron flooring pattern is similar to an inverted “V” design.

It is beautiful to look at and features individual planks of equal sizes. These equally-sized planks are narrower and shorter than others. Also, the unique and beautiful pattern represents a modern option for your home’s parquet floor or backsplash. Its geometric design leaves high-end and contemporary homes looking great.

Besides the beauty the flooring pattern adds to your home, it allows you to create various effects. These effects range from stripes to arrows. You can also complement your chevron flooring design with cushions, artworks, or lampshades with similar patterns. It leaves your home looking like an interior decor’s delight when you do this.

To achieve the best look for chevron floors, it is best to install it with subtle decor elements. The flooring design’s natural pattern is best highlighted when set against traditional vertical and horizontal lines.

You can also use chevron flooring patterns in spaces that are transitional, like hallways. You can also use it to draw attention to your home’s special places like your fireplace.

However, you decide to use your chevron flooring, ensure proper placement. Without doing so, it may make your room look too busy.

Advantages of Chevron Floors

A key to understanding the difference between chevron and herringbone floors is knowing their advantages and disadvantages. Here are the benefits of using chevron floors in your home.

  • The flooring type’s lines fall out, creating an exotic European view.

  • Its diagonal lines enhance your home’s beauty and appearance.

  • The arrows meeting where the plank boards meet induces a movement feeling.

  • The result of using chevron floors is always gorgeous, even when you use less expensive wood planks.

  • It leaves your space looking fashionable, classic, and modern.

  • It is not as costly as the herringbone flooring pattern.

  • It is easier to install than herringbone flooring.