Which Flooring to Choose, Maple or Oak?

- Feb 28, 2019-



oak engineered flooring


maple engineered flooring     

Among so many flooring options for your home and office, Maple flooring and oak flooring are two popular ones. However which one to choose might be a problem.

Maple is a very tight, white hardwood. It is sold in two varieties, hard and soft.The soft variety is used for the making of furniture and other things which requires being mould. And the hard variety is used for hard durable things. Maple flooring’s light color gives a clean, refined look to your floors.And Maple flooring is more popular in young people. 

 Oak also has two vanities, red oak and white oak. Oak is hard wood too, but the color is radish brown. However after the treatments, it can be many colors. Oak flooring adds glamour and sophistication to any room. With differing plank sizes and colors, it meets any taste preference from traditional to contemporary. 

On the oak wood pores can be directly seen by snaked eyes and this gives a  a grainy texture to the wood while the maple wood doesn’t have any visiable pores. So maple flooring is more smoother than oak flooring, while it is not as wear resistant as oak floor. 

As for price, if you're not sure about what type you're dealing with, refer to the wood's pricing. Soft maple should be priced lower than hard maple. White oak, which is more exclusive than red oak, should be priced higher than red oak.