Comparison of Beech floor and oak floor

- Apr 11, 2019-

There are many types of wood flooring materials. Among them beech and oak are more common. Which one is better? Let’s take a look at these two kinds of wood materials from feature price and appearance.

 beech and oak floor1


1)    Stability

Oak floor is strong and it has high durability. Oak floor can be used for a long time. Beech floor has greater shrinkage and poor stability. It is prone to cracking in the sun for a long time and it is easy to arch after being wet. So in terms of stability, beech floors are not as good as oak floors.

2)    Moisture

Oak floor is fine wood, but the interior of the wood is more watery than that of other wood. And it is very easy to decay if drying process is not well done. In this respect, beech floor has the same characteristics. Although this wood is hard it also has large water content. It is prone to rot if it is not drying well.

3)    wear-resistance

Oak floor has high wear resistant because of its hard texture and high density. Beech floor is no worse than oak floor because the material of beech wood is also hard and has fine texture, high density. So the wear resistance of beech floor and oak floor is almost same.

 beech and oak floor2


Beech floor has clear and delicate texture with natural and beautiful patterns. The wood is fine and the color is soft. Its color is very close to rosewood. Beech floor increases the decoration grade.

Oak floor also has great appearance. The wood color might change a bit according to different places of origin. Wood grain is also more inclined to the shape of the mountains.



Because beech wood is widely distributed and resources are relatively abundant, the price of beech floor is relatively close to the people.

While oak need to be imported this makes the cost of oak floor higher.