Do you like maple flooring?

- Dec 16, 2019-

Maple is a type of tree that grows in northern parts of the world and has hard wood often used in making furniture and wood flooring.


Maple floor has a light wood color, giving people the feeling of simplicity, natural, elegant. The texture of maple is more delicate and it is suitable for floor material. Maple floor is stable and many people prefer its mild texture.


Maple wood floor has beautiful grain.It is light but durable and easy to work with. When being paved on the ground, bring a comfortable, tender, bright and generous feeling. In the current market, maple floor mostly means white maple wood floor which is now widely used in the flooring and the furniture so as to provide a refreshing and simple feeling. It is suitable for the aesthetic taste of the young people.


Maple wood belongs to the temperate wood. Its heat resistance is very good, its structure is strong, and is easy to be processed into a wide variety of excellent pattern. The grain of the maple wood floor is fine and uniform, the texture is full and the polishing property is good. With a beautiful and bright appearance and good footing feeling, Maple floor is highly sought after by people.