Does Humidity Matter Wood Flooing in the Summer?

- May 27, 2020-

Wood is a hygroscopic material. It absorbs and releases moisture repeatedly depending on its environment. Some people think that it’s better to install a wood floor in the hot, humid summer when the wood planks are at their largest and have gaps in the winter than to install it tight during the winter when it’s at its smallest and have it swell or buckle when summer and humidity come back. Truthfully, it doesn’t make a big difference because most homes are heated and cooled in the respective months and many have humidifiers to help keep moisture levels up during the drier winter months. The important thing is to bring the wood inside the home and allow it to acclimate to those conditions. This average amount of moisture is best because you may get minor swelling in the summer and minor gapping in the winter, but neither will be too noticeable.