Engineered Hardwood vs. Solid Walnut

- Dec 25, 2019-

Walnut engineered hardwood offers an alternative to solid American walnut floors, and it is ideal for areas where humidity levels change frequently, such as in the bathroom. An engineered walnut floor is made of layers of other wood with the grain in opposing directions, which helps prevent warping. The top wood layer is walnut. Engineered walnut floors tend to be less expensive than solid walnut as well.

Solid walnut flooring is seldom used in a bathroom or basement, although Brazilian walnut holds up well even when used as a shower floor, according to Advantage Lumber. Brazilian walnut has a natural water resistance that makes it a great choice for virtually any room in the home. Solid walnut also offers options beyond just varying colors of the grain and a shiny or matte finish. Hand-scraped walnut gives a handmade look to each board and is ideal for a rustic or even industrial decor scheme. This isn't an option for engineered walnut, which always has a smooth, level face.

Solid walnut also lasts longer than engineered walnut in most cases. Virtually any solid hardwood floor can be refinished many times, extending its useful life through generations. Since the veneer on an engineered floor is relatively thin, this type of flooring can only be refinished a couple times before wearing a hole through the walnut veneer.