Herringbone Wood Flooring

- Mar 09, 2021-

Features Of Herringbone Flooring Pattern

This article is dedicated to knowing the difference between herringbone and chevron flooring patterns. You now know the key features of chevron flooring. In this section, you will learn more about herringbone flooring patterns.

The herringbone hardwood floor designs consist of rectangular patterns which resemble the herring fish’s bone structure. The flooring’s installation involves arranging parquet blocks to lead to the creation of a staggered zigzag pattern.

The reason for this installation mode is that the planks’ ends make an angle of 90 degrees. Hence, they are arranged perpendicular to each other.

Herringbone flooring pattern is recommended for those who want their homes to look traditional and classic. The design has long been used in historic times for many things aside from flooring. In fact, the design’s application has been observed in ancient Egyptian history. It was not until much later that the pattern started being used for hardwood floors.

You can choose from a selection of wood species for the herringbone flooring pattern. Each of these wood species has its unique shading and colour giving you a broad range of options. Some hardwood floors for your herringbone floors are:

  • White Oak

  • Red Oak

  • Walnut

  • Hickory/Pecan

  • Maple

These hardwood materials have high durabilities and stabilities. More importantly, they only need minimal maintenance efforts. To maximize your herringbone floor’s aesthetic value, you can combine various types of hardwood. When you use a contrasting pattern or colour, your floor becomes more distinctive. It also retains a personal touch to it.

If you prefer to stay traditional with your flooring, you are better off using a herringbone floor with a single material. There are other ways to modernize your herringbone floors. For instance, you can cover its whole surface or stain it to highlight the wood grains.

If you prefer the second option, brightening the surface with a tinted stain may be the way to go. Another option is using a darker stain to make wood grain invisible. The effect of this is that the woodgrain resembles hard-to-maintain materials like stone.

When designing and implementing herringbone floors, you can let your imagination go wild. You can design and implement the floor type in different shapes, patterns, and styles. This is one reason why you should install herringbone flooring in your home. There are various arrangements for the hardwood floor type, including diagonal, single, and double patterns.

Advantages of Herringbone Floors

  • Herringbone floors leave your home looking more sophisticated than chevron floors.

  • It enhances your home’s visual effects without causing distractions.

  • It is more classic or traditional than chevron flooring.