Home decoration solid wood flooring little knowledge

- Aug 21, 2018-

Believe that many new decoration users in the installed floor have encountered more depressing problems, the floor stepped on the "squeak", "squeak" sound, then what is the cause? It depends on how the sound sounds, if a place stepped on a sound, and then stepped on the sound has always been so, it must be the wood floor and the ground between the tenon is not fixed, pulled up by the dragon.

How to make the new floor do not creak?

Solid wood floor "creak" sound how to do? If somewhere stepped on sometimes there will be sound, sometimes not, this situation is mostly the floor nail is smaller than the solid wood floor of the drill hole, there is loose space between the floor caused by, half of the people decorated, the floor will be more or less sound when walking, but the location is different.

There are few ways to deal with the noise in the floor, and even if it is dealt with to ease the problem, it can not be completely eradicated. There's a way to get a radical cure, to tighten the floor up again, to rebuild the floor. It's a real pain in the neck, and nobody wants to rebuild it. Only before installing earthworm and floor, pay attention to the following processes and methods, the floor will not ring.

It is also important to choose the floor. We must strengthen the flooring brand. Then is the installation of the problem, the installation of dragon before the general use of 12MM hammer drill holes, can not easily be laid down after a few days tenon drying shrinkage on the good. When installing solid wood floor drilling, the aperture must be smaller than the floor nail, so that the floor can eat nails; wall around the reservation of more than 1 cm floor contraction joints, to avoid climate change or floor moisture does not coincide with the expansion of arch, this is known to many people.