How to care for hand-scraped wood floors

- Jun 17, 2020-

Hand-scraped hardwood floors are scraped so that the grain of the wood shows through the polyurethane seal more, giving the flooring a rustic look. This makes the grain protrude slightly, so take extra care to ensure that the floor is clean. A dirty floor will be abrasive and the ridges on the grains will wear down, ruining the look of your flooring. If you clean your floor frequently, it won't take a lot of time and will stay in like-new condition.

Step 1

Vacuum the floor at least once a week to pick up dust and dirt and prevent it from being ground into the flooring. Vacuum more frequently in high traffic areas, especially if you have children or pets bringing in dirt. You can also use a dry mop instead of a vacuum.

Step 2

Sweep up any dry spills using a broom and dust pan as soon as they happen. This is particularly important if the spill is something abrasive, such as sand, as it will quickly wear away the wood finish and ridges in the grain.

Step 3

Mop up wet spills right away with an absorbent towel. Rinse any residue and dry with a clean towel. Wet spills can damage the wood if it the moisture seeps in, so clean it up quickly.

Step 4

Wash the floors only as needed. You may never need to wash the floors if you properly maintain them. Use a wood cleaner appropriate for the type of wood you have and do not overwet the floor. It should dry rapidly after being washed.