How to choose a suitable heating floor?

- Nov 19, 2019-

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Winter is coming and it is more and more cold. In a warm room, walk around the floor by barefoot, or sit in the chair with a book in a hand for a day. How comfortable it is! In recent years, in the face of cold winter, people's demand for radiant heating floor is getting higher and higher.

A good radiant heating floor, can let the family enjoy a warmth of spring winter in the severe winter. so many people who are about to decorate new and want to change their old floor would like to use radiant heating floor. Then how to choose a suitable floor?

In fact, not all of the wood can be used for heating floor, and the problem of floor-cracking and the like can be caused by improper selection. What are the requirements for the heating wood floor?

First, suitable radiant heating wood floor should have good stability. This depends on the substrate density and the internal bonding strength of the floor. The stronger the inner bonding strength, the better the ability of the floor to withstand the temperature change, so that the wood floor will not be easy to crack. And the base material of wood floor is relatively dense which can ensure the floor not to crack at high temperature and not to be deformed for a long time.

Second, suitable radiant heating wood floor should have good moisture resistance.The water content should be lower, so that the wood floor is not easy to deform after being heated. That means the swelling rate after water absorption is less than or equal to 2.5%. In general, the smaller the expansion ratio, the better the moisture-proof performance of the floor will be.