how to choose bastetball court flooring?

- Oct 30, 2019-


The basketball court is different from our home and it is also very critical when choosing the wooden floor.The indoor wood flooring for basketball court should has good bearing performance, high shock-absorbing performance, deformation resistance and etc. And the surface of the professional indoor basketball court floor should not be too smooth so that the athlete can do the activities efficiently. 


What kind of flooring is suitable or the indoor basketball court? First the flooring material must be hard so that the ball bounces well and consistently. Then the material also must be durable so that the surface can weather the constant impact.


Amount the all kinds of materials for basketball court, maple hardwood flooring is particularly well suited to basketball because it has a very tight-knit structure. That helps to prevent small particles of debris from embedding in its surface, causing minor imperfections that can grow larger over time. Also, maple is resistant to splintering and has enough yield to properly keep a ball bouncing without dampening its speed.