how to choose better geothermal flooring?

- Dec 31, 2019-

There are generally two types of heating systems nowadays, one is heating, the other is geothermal. And geothermal heat dissipation is even, can be felt in every corner of the room. Many people like to choose it. Because geothermal is heating from the ground, the floor is critical. So how to choose better geothermal flooring? Here are a few points for attention.


1, Smell

When identifying whether the floor is environmentally friendly or not, we can use our nose to distinguish. Pick up a floor, smell at its groove. if more pungent, indicate that the release of formaldehyde is relatively high. such floor is not good, do not choose. In the purchase of plate furniture, we can also smell first to judge if it is good.


2,Heat dissipation speed

Heat dissipation speed determines the indoor temperature. When selecting geothermal floor, we must choose floors with fast heat dissipation . laminated floor is more suitable to do geothermal floor, because the standard thickness of geothermal floor is 6.5 mm ~8.5 mm, while the thickness of laminated floor is mostly 6 mm ~9 mm and the performance of heat transfer is better. What’s more its surface has a layer of aluminum trioxide wear-resistant layer, which is more conducive to the rapid diffusion of heat on the surface.


3,The stability of the floor

The geothermal floor should contact the high temperature for a long time, so the stability of the floor should be good. So that the floor will not crack and deform because of the change of temperature. This depends on the substrate density and internal bonding strength of the floor. Wood has to be tight enough to ensure its ability to withstand temperature changes.