How to choose the right color for bedroom wood floors?

- May 16, 2019-

Bedroom is the most warm and comfortable space in the home, in the purchase of decoration materials, we must be careful to make choices, not only to meet the visual aesthetic, but also conducive to our living life. A right color of wood floors can not only add the beauty of our home but also bring us pleasure. We can choose the right color from following aspects.

 bedroom wood floor1

First according to the bedroom furniture: 

If the furniture color is more elegant, then you can choose a similar color, so that the space looks more harmonious.

 bedroom wood floor2

Second according to the size of bedroom:

If it is a small bedroom, it is better to choose a light color floor, which can make the small room looks larger. If the bedroom is large, we can choose light color or natural striped color for decoration, because light natural color decoration can make the bedroom look brighter, fresh, and help us to have a good rest.

 bedroom wood floor4

Third according to the style of bedroom: 

If the bedroom is classical style, it should choose brown, dark red and other dark colors which is steady and grand. If the bedroom is modern style, it should choose clear, bright light yellow, light red, white and other light colors. If the bedroom is American style it should use casual, nostalgic and dignified brown, dark red and other medium black colors. If the bedroom is Chinese style, it should uses solemn and elegant dark brown, bright red, such as black and reddish colors.

 bedroom wood floor3

Fourth according to the light of bedroom:

If it is a good lighting room, a wide range of color can be chosen, all light color and dark color can be used. For insufficient lighting room, it is better to choose a bright more suitable floor materials, and avoid to use dark color materials.