How to choose the right color for kitchen floors

- May 12, 2020-

Here are some sugesttions for your to choose the kitchen floor.

1. Pick colors that you love and that you respond to emotionally. 

2. Don’t be afraid to go with brighter or more saturated colors in the kitchen or bathroom. 

3. Be prepared to be flexible and make compromises. As you go through the process of selecting all the colors and finishes, your plan will be constantly revised.

4. Choose one element to launch your color palette, but don’t buy that item until all accompanying selections have been fully researched. 

5. Start with the least flexible element of your bathroom or kitchen and match others to it. It’s much easier to adjust stains and paints on cabinets or walls to harmonize with granite or tile.

6. Do not underestimate lighting. Look at all your color and finish choices in daylight and in the artificial light that will be in that particular room. Soft blues and greens might look fresh in morning light, but dull in incandescent light. Color-corrected fluorescent lighting can be helpful.