How to Choose Wood Floor

- Mar 12, 2019-

How To Choose Wood Floor.


Compared with tile, a lot of people prefer to use wooden floor to decorate their home. In addition to its beauty, the surface temperature of wooden floor is more suitable and the feeling foot is better when walking on.


There are so many kinds of wooden floor, how to choose? Let’s take a look.


1, Engineered floor or solid floor

In the past, hardwood flooring refers to solid timber. Today solid floor is still widely availed, but people have another choice that is engineered floor.  Engineered floor is a kind of floor with top layer real wood, underneath plywood. It is more durable while the price is cheaper.


2, Tree species

The tree species are particularly numerous, such as maple, oak, ash, teak, pine, etc. The price of wood floor is quite different based on wood species. Some is very expensive like rosewood, some is cheap like ash. Choose the wood species, grain according to personal interest. However it is better to choose durable wood species, avoiding the flooring to be twist bend crack arch after a long time.


3, Color

Light, dark or natural? The color of the flooring has a strong impact on how the room is perceived. A dark floor creates a sense of warmth and comfort. A light wood floor reflects the light and adds space to the room. But it is better to choose wood flooring with nature color not dying color.


4, Size

When choose wood floor, Size should be considered. The size of most wooden floor, supplied on the market at present, is long and wide, for example 900mm*90mm*18mm. Actually, short and narrow wood floor is more appropriate as it is more stable.


5, Maintenance

In order to keep the wood floor beautiful, it’s better to choose those in wear resisting and waterproof. As to high-traffic areas, a carpet is really needed.