How to choose wood flooring?

- Jun 13, 2019-

Is the floor the harder the better?

Many people think that the harder the floor, the better the quality and the durability of the floor.

In fact, a variety of factors affect the durability of the floor, not just hard.

Experts introduce that the density of the floor (that is hardness), this index is related to the impact resistance of the floor; the expansion rate of the floor after absorb water , this index determines the water resistance of the floor; Internal bonding strength, that index is to see whether the floor has layers. If it has then the strength of the floor will be reduced. All these factors affect the durability of the floor, and only when other indexes are the same we can say that the harder of the floor the more durable it is. If it is just hard it will become brittle because of lacking enough elasticity and the floor is easy to break.


Is the veneer of the floor the thicker the more wear resisting?

Many people will unconsciously choose the thicker floor, feeling that floor with thicker veneer must be more wear-resistant.

Actually wood species and oil are the key to determining the wear resistance of the floor.The wear resistance of the veneer has the greatest relationship with the wood species and the varnish but not with the thickness. The harder the wood, the more wear-resistant, and the more flexible of the varnish, the more wear-resistant. The varnish should not be too hard, otherwise it is fragile and easy to crack.

Is the more expensive the better?


Is the floor the more expensive the better?

When choosing the floor, many people think that the price is high definitely the quality is better.

In general, the price of wood flooring is related to wood species. Different wood species have their own natural attributes, and their characteristics are different after processing into a floor. Therefore, sometimes expensive floor does not have good quality. For example, the valuable teak floor has stable performance, environmental protection and good thermal conductivity. However, if your home is using floor heat, teak floor is prone to crack and deform.