How to clean and maintain wood flooring?

- Jan 06, 2020-

Many people like to install wood flooring, wood flooring can not only bring comfortable foot feeling but also bring a sense of beauty because of the natural wood texture. However, how to clean and maintain wood flooring is also a problem. Here are some tips.

1,Use the vacuum cleaner to clean on time.

For wood flooring, users need to use vacuum on time for daily care. Because wood flooring is very susceptible to bacteria growing from air humidity, vacuum cleaners with filters can be used to remove harmful bacteria while cleaning visible garbage. In addition, to prevent damage caused by the vacuum cleaner, you can also install a soft brush on the vacuum cleaner which can protect wood floor well.


2, Clean with dry mop.

Because the wood floor is very afraid of moisture, it is better to use a soft broom to sweep the room dust, and then with a dry mop to clean the floor. Don't scrub the floor with wet cloth. If there are oil stains or dirt on the wood floor, you can dip the dishcloth in detergent to partially clean the dirt position and then use not very wet mop to mop the entire area.


3. Waxing

It is also important to wax the floor on time every year. Before waxing, users should clean the floor first, and then wax evenly on the floor surface. When wax is slightly dried, clean the floor with dry wipes.