How to deal with squeaking floor?

- Apr 04, 2019-

engineered floor squeaking1

The wooden flooring will squeak after a period of time. These noises can be found in homes of any age with any type of wood flooring. And the noise makes people very uncomfortable. Why would the wood floor make a noise? What can we do when the wooden floor makes a noise?


The reasons for wood flooring squeaking:

1.      Installing:

If the ground is not at horizontal level when laying the floors, there will be gaps between floors and ground. When people walk around, there will be a squeaking with the floorboards move up and down.

If crevice is not left enough when install the floors, floors will be easy to buckling as wood will expand due to the weather.

If nails or staples that are not holding the floorboard tight, they will rub through the hole in the floorboard

2.      Quality

The grooves quality of floors is not good and floorboards cannot be connected tightly. Then floors will be easy to squeak when people move up and down.

3.      Moisture

If wood floors are affected with damp, floors will deform and distort. And gaps occur. This makes the floors squeak when people move.


Tips to solve the squeaking:

1.  Install floors strictly according to the specification.

2.  Sprinkle some powder between the cracks in the floor

3.  Fill long gaps with construction adhesive

4.  Apply some wax to the crevice and melt the wax with the torch so that it seeps into the crevice without a noise