How to distinguish true from false and choose plywood

- Aug 21, 2018-

1, weight. The density of Eucalyptus wicker core and poplar core differs greatly, and the core of Eucalyptus wicker is much heavier than poplar core under the same volume. You can feel it only by comparing it with hand counting. 2, patience. Willow Eucalyptus Core is very durable, when twisting the Willow Eucalyptus Core Plywood, it is not simple cracking nor simple distortion. 3, color. The natural colors of the two materials are very different, and the merchants only paint the surface of the wood with color, so the wood interior is still the original nature. Peel off the surface and distinguish between poplar and white. The core of Eucalyptus is brown.  Finding the real plywood is just the first step. Choosing is also very important.

How can we choose high-quality plywood? 1. Touch with your hands. The front face of plywood should be smooth and neat without bump. If you feel there is a crack in the splice, do not buy it.

2, with eyes. OK, plywood surface has no breakage, scar, bruising. When choosing, pay attention to the common sense of color and the whole feeling of wood grain.

3, sniff. If you can smell a strong nose, it is clear that plywood contains more harmful ingredients. This plywood is not only of low quality, but also has great damage to the human body.