How to fix hardwood floor buckling?

- Mar 28, 2019-


Hardwood flooring can enhance the beauty and comfort to any home. However after using a period of time, there might be some buckling in your hardwood floors.


What causes buckling in hardwood floor?

1.  There should be 1/2 expansion around the entire edge of the floor. Usually Quarter Round (wood trims) covers this gap between the wood and the wall. Sometimes the baseboard can cover this gap as well. If the expansion is not there, when the wood expands and contracts due to weather it will press up against the wall and buckle at its weakest point. This could be in the middle of the floor.

2If the flooring material is real hardwood vs laminate and you are cleaning it with a mop, then you are using too much water.

3.  Another reason for excess water would be from below, such as cracks in the concrete, or a plumbing leak.


How to fix buckling?

1.  If buckling is formed because of wet weather, you need to use a dry mop to suck the water on the floor. As for water in the flooring crevice, you need to dry out by hairdryer.

2.  If only a small area warped up, you can put a heavy stuff on top, after a period of time the floor will automatically return to the original look. If the damp area is too large or deformation is too serious, the floor needs to be re-paved.

3. If the color of floor changes too much after soaked in the water, you can wax the floor and let the floor return to the original color. If this method fails, the floor needs to be replaced locally.