How To Install Floating Engineered Hardwood Flooring

- Aug 28, 2019-

Before installing a floating engineered hardwood floor, follow the same preparation steps mentioned above, including underlayment and laying out spacers to maintain the expansion gap specified by the manufacturer.


1,Install the first row using wood glue on all plank ends, arranged with the tongue facing the center of the room.

2,When installing additional rows, work from left to right. Apply wood glue to the tongue and groove seams, then connect the pieces, carefully folding and tapping the new piece to rest on the subfloor. Immediately wipe up any glue that squeezes through the boards.

Note: Some engineered hardwood flooring products have a click-lock design. These do not require glue for a floating installation, unlike tongue and groove products.

3,Measure from board (not tongue) to wall and subtract the expansion gap to know the correct cut for the last row of boards. Then, insert the last row of flooring, taking care to leave the proper extension gap between the last piece and the wall.

4,Remove the painter’s tape after 8-10 hours, but avoid heavy foot traffic and furniture placement for 24 hours. 

5,Once your new floor is complete, install transition pieces and remove the spacers. Then nail the baseboards and shoe mouldings to the wall, not the floor.