How to maintain film faced plywood correctly?

- Apr 02, 2019-

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What is film faced plywood?

 Film faced plywood is a kind of veneer plywood covered with film, which is phenolic glue (or other glue) impregnated paper and is different from MDO or HDO.

 It has a high load baring capacity and due to its strength it is ideal for formwork and will keep its shape regardless of changes in humidity. Its film face provides different finishes such as wire mesh anti-slip smooth finish and is suitable to use for internal and external applications. Film Faced Plywood’s are finished to high standards and have a high resistance to corrosion and moisture.

Film faced plywood is mainly used for construction. It can help to accelerate the construction progress, improve the quality of project and reduce the cost of the project. This is very important


How to maintain the film faced plywood?

1)     storage:

First, clean and repair the formwork panels before storage. Then stack them off the ground on level supports and under cover. Stack the formwork panels alternately face to face and back to back in order to avoid face damage by bolts etc. If panels are wet, do not allow them to dry too rapidly.

2)     sealing of edges:

phenolic film faced plywood edges are fully sealed by the factory and it is the most important that all edges remain sealed. To obtain full value from a phenolic film faced plywood sheet any cut edges should sealed as soon as possible with water proof paint sealing of holes and any hole made in film faced formwork panels should also be sealed to prevent water entering. If water does enter it may cause swelling around the holes.

3)     clean and repair:

To obtain full life, cleaning should be carried out immediately after each use. phenolic film faced plywood may be wiped with release agent or cleaned with water and stiff brush. It may be necessary to use a hard wood scraper but should be carefully taken not to damage the plywood face. Do not use a wire brush or sharp metal scraper to dislodge hardened concrete.