How to maintain solid wood flooring?

- Aug 21, 2018-

Contemporary family decoration occupies a part of the share, as the saying goes, "three-part floor, seven maintenance", for wood flooring may only be used for three or five years, and some wood flooring used for seven or eight years or intact, brilliant, in fact, the secret lies in the maintenance of wood flooring. Above. Today, let's talk about how to maintain the floor properly.

1. Waterproof and moistureproof.

Solid wood flooring in the use of the process, must ensure that the floor is dry and clean, and must avoid direct contact with water, and when cleaning the floor must not use alkaline liquid wipe. Otherwise, it is easy to destroy the paint film on the floor surface, and try to wipe it with dry mops.

2. Waxing of essential oils

Solid wood floors need to be waxed every time to maintain the brightness of the floor surface paint, normally twice a year. Spread the floor wax evenly on the floor surface, then wipe it with a dry cloth. And the floor essential oil can give the floor a deeper layer of protection, the floor essential oil can penetrate into the floor substrate, to strengthen the stability of the floor.

3. The new house just installed solid wood floor, assuming that no one lives for a long time, must regularly ventilate the room, maintain room air humidity, put the floor for cracking.

The maintenance of solid wood flooring is mainly these three points, but in addition to the daily maintenance and maintenance of wood flooring in the use process of the most important is to avoid floor damage caused by injury.

1, the wooden floor is carelessly soaked by water. Make sure you wipe it with a dry cloth first. Clean the floor and then use a fan or open the air conditioning for dehumidification and air drying, to avoid rapid drying floor, causing cracks.

2. Do not throw cigarette butts and other sundries on the floor in daily life to prevent the floor from burning, and to avoid sharp objects scratching the surface of the floor, try to wear flat shoes at home.

3. Solid wood floors if there is a supply or warping, we have to remove the floor in time, and then find out the reasons for the floor warping, re-installation. Floor lifting is usually caused by dampness of the floor. Therefore, when installing wooden floor, we must remember to do well in waterproof treatment and moisture-proof treatment.