How to maintain wooden flooring in summer?

- May 28, 2019-


There are often such two extreme weather in summer. In June and July, early in summer, the plum rain is coming, and the rainy weather is stuffy and hot. In August and September, the midsummer season is often more than ten days without rain and dry and hot. Then how to maintain wooden flooring in summer?

First, Prevent from high-temperature solarization.

The sun in the summer is extremely hot. Wood flooring near balcony and window is very easy to be exposed to the sun.If you do not pay attention to sunscreen treatment and protection, it will make flooring’s wear-resistant layer damage, surface color fade, even more serious make the paint film foam. It is better to install thicker impermeable curtains and close them to keep out the sun

Second, Control indoor temperature

The indoor temperature can be reduced by using air-conditioning and other temperature-reducing means. However, the air-conditioner should not blow directly to the floor. Air-conditioner has the function of cooling and dehumidification. If the air condition always blows to one place, it is easy to cause the shrinkage of the floor.

Third, Control indoor moisture

If the outdoor humidity is greater than the indoor humidity, close the door and window to keep the humidity in the room. If the outdoor humidity is less than the indoor humidity, open the door and window to lower the humidity in the room.  Breathless materials should not be covered on the floor for a long time.

In addition to the above sunscreen moisture maintenance, it should also regularly clean the floor, dust, in order to prevent sand or friction dust accumulating and scraping the surface of the floor.