How to make the shuttering plywood reuse more times

- Jul 31, 2020-

Shuttering Plywood is a highly densified ply with plastic resin films on both sides of the surface to afford a smooth clean concrete finish in formwork.

First, higher the density, the higher repetitions the ply can deliver without getting swollen or splitting due to water absorption. 

Second factor which affects repetitions is the thickness of the film coating used on both sides of the ply surface. 

Apart from these manufacturing factors, theres also the usage factor which also matters a lot in delivering higher repetitions. For example, before each application, these panels’ surfaces have to be coated with oil to give a better finish as well as render the panel some resistance against the corrossive effect of cement & water. If not coated with oil, the film coating of the panels start to wear off real soon. Another important lookout at the construction site is to seal any cut ply’s edges with acrylic paint to ensure water doesn’t find its way inside the ply. If not done properly, water tends to seep inside the core layers of the ply therefore allowing for absorption, bulging and finally splitting of the core layers due to weakened bonding which will in effect make the panel useless.