How to prevent damage to wood flooring

- Aug 21, 2018-

Many families choose wooden flooring when decorating, so not only stylish and beautiful, but also when summer comes can walk directly barefoot on the top, warm in winter, very comfortable. However, after you check in, you will find that there are always a variety of external factors will make the wood floor beautiful. Today, I will give you a few points about how to prevent wood flooring and how to prevent it.

1: rain and rain

Wooden flooring is essentially water-repellent, and the surface of wood flooring after rain is prone to discoloration, deformation, cracking and other phenomena. Therefore, in this case, wipe the floor in time to keep it dry. Timely disposal will not affect the use of wood flooring.

2: air conditioning blows

Long-term use of air conditioning in the home will make the indoor air become unusually dry, wooden floors are prone to expand and shrink, resulting in gaps between floors, and when serious, will emit sound. Therefore, put a basin of water on the radiator or humidifier.

3: oil pollution

Oil stains on wood floors will be produced if they are not treated in time, and even the surface of the floor will be discolored. At this time, clean agents, letters and water should be carefully cleaned and waxed.