How to Remove a Dent from Wood

- Jul 31, 2020-

If you’ve noticed an unsightly dent in your wood flooring or furniture, you might fear that it’s ruined for good. But there’s actually a very simple solution for lifting dents from soft wood surfaces—the magic combination of heat and moisture. By running an ordinary clothes iron over the spot, you can erase shallow dents and dings and restore the wood to its original smoothness. This fix takes only a few minutes, and when you’re finished you’ll barely be able to tell that there was ever a flaw in the first place.


  • Using your iron’s steam feature may make it even more useful for lifting out dents.
  • Heat will work best for removing minor dents from softer, unfinished varieties of wood, like pine, birch or cedar.
  • Consider covering vulnerable surfaces with cushions, throw rugs or place mats.
  • Applying a coat of varnish or lacquer can safeguard your wood furniture or flooring from drops, spills and other accidents.