How to select film faced plywood?

- May 14, 2019-

When selecting the Film Faced Plywood, it must meet the standard, including the specification size inspection, appearance quality inspection and physical and mechanical performance inspection. In terms of dimensions, including thickness tolerances, web tolerances, diagonal tolerances, and curvature, these are very important.


In terms of the quality of the appearance, there is a lot of content to be tested, and different products have different requirements. In the production of building laminated panels, it is necessary to inspect the graded boards frequently. Generally, each class should be inspected once, mainly to test physical and mechanical properties. Regardless of which test, it must be randomly sampled from the product, the number of samples is determined according to national standards, and after all the items are qualified, the batch is judged to be a qualified product.


In the finished product storage, quality supervision and batch allocation, it is also tested according to the specifications, size, appearance quality and physical and mechanical properties. The assembly and removal of the laminating board should be simple and convenient, and the assembled template has good integrity.


There are two methods for preparing the laminated board. The unfolding method is to prepare the template on the basis of the equipment, and to be spread on a plane in a certain order, and then to carry out the design of the board; and the template is directly prepared according to the block calculation method. According to the three diagrams of flat, vertical and section, the lap joint relationship and preparation size of the template are directly determined.