How to wax the floor

- Jun 26, 2019-

how to wax the floor

After staying in for a period of time, many users find that the floor color is not as bright as it used to be. So, what should we do at this time? It is suggested that when moving into the new house, wax the floor first.

How to wax the floor?

Different floors need to choose different wax. For thick solid wood floors, solid wax should be selected to prevent water and dust from invading and blocking. If using wax improperly, it will react with the surface of the floor paint and cause discoloration. For the engineered wood floor, just use liquid wax.

Secondly, the waxing process is also fastidious. Many cleaning companies still use conservative methods, using manual waxing, grinding, polishing, which will make the thickness of wax uneven. While using machine to wax can uniform thickness and the effect of floor waxing will be better and more gloss than manual waxing.

In addition, whether to wax a new or old cracked floor, it should first be cleaned, completely dried and then operated.

(1) Wax at least three times, each time need to rub the floor with a fluffy cloth or waxing device to infiltrate the wax oil into the wood.

(2) In order to get a shiny effect, the wax should be polished with a soft cloth every time you hit it.

(3) If choose polyester amine floor wax, brush it three times with a clean brush. Especially for the floor seams.

(4) Every time when waxing, after drying, grind the surface with very fine sandpaper, dry it, and wax it again.

At the same time, it is particularly important that semi-liquid floor wax belongs to the flammable and explosive risk products. After the floor wax dry, there is no problem of flammability. If in the process of operation without completely dry, the volatile matter of wax in the air can be burned when it reaches a certain concentration. However, if the air flow, the concentration is low, it can not burn. In the case of floor wax, the door and window shall be open and maintain good ventilation