Introduction of Main Wood Floors

- Apr 03, 2019-

There are many kinds of wood flooring, but the main types of flooring on the market are solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring and laminate wood flooring.


Solid wood floor

Solid wood floor is made of one piece of natural solid wood, also known as log flooring. It has the natural growth texture, good conductivity for heat, can play the winter warm summer cool function, provide comfortable feelings for foot. Solid wood floor is an ideal decorative material for the bedroom, the living room, the study and so on.



Engineered wood floor

Engineered hardwood is also made of real wood, but includes multiple layers of support planks topped by a thick high-quality hardwood top layer. Engineered wood floor has the advantages of solid wood floor, such as beautiful and natural look, comfortable foot feeling, and good thermal insulation. Meanwhile it overcomes the deficiency of the solid wood floor, which is easy to raise the crack. And this floor is easy to install as it doesn't have to use the keel in general.


laminate floor

Laminate wood floor

Laminate wood floor is also very popular in the market. It is cheaper and easy to clean. Generally speaking, Laminate wood floor is made of four layers. The surface is the wear-resistant layer; the second is the decorative layer; the third is the wood-based panel substrate; the fourth is the bottom layer, which is the moisture-proof balance layer.