Is cheery a hard wood or not

- Aug 27, 2020-

Cherry Wood Flooring, also known as American Cherry, is considered to be one of the softer woods with a Janka Hardness Rating of 950. This type of wood is easier to nail and staple than many harder woods, however the wood is much easier to dent and scratch because it is a softer wood.

Cherry Wood Flooring is one of the most popular floors in North America due to its high level of natural color variation between each plank. Cherry Planks can vary dependent on what type of cherry wood each plank is made from. Cherry heartwood mostly range from a redish pink color to a dark red, while Cherry Sapwood is mostly a cream color. Cherry wood floors are made with rich colors and are available in many different stains and finishes. Cherry Wood Flooring is one of the types of wood flooring that will darken due to aging until the floor is finally a reddish brown color.