Is knot on the flooing good or not?

- Jul 24, 2019-


Dead branches drop off healthy, living trees all the time, and wood knots appear in the trunk where branches died. Knots are imperfections that cause living wood grain to grow around them. These imperfections are just part of what makes wood a beautiful material with which to work. The presence of know is not different from the brand and memory of our human growth, and has unique value and significance. For trees, as well, each texture, each knot makes its unique character and texture.

There is no requirement for the number of knots in the national standard;only the diameter of the floor front can be≤10mm. So not all the floors that have knots are bad.

Under the previous consumption aesthetics, the floor with knot is generally not loved or even treated as a defective product. However, in recent years, the consumption situation has gradually changed. People are more aware of the natural beauty of the pure nature, and even the unique face look more respected. If there is no knot on the solid wood floor, do you really dare to buy it? Are you really not afraid that this is a "over-processed" chemical?

Today, global resources are shrinking and wood resources are tight. Floor with knot is fully in line with the concept and trend of sustainable development of environmental conservation. But the understanding of beauty is subjective. If you really can't accept the scar and color difference, leave it to someone who knows it.