Main species for wood flooring

- Mar 21, 2019-

wood species

With the development of society, people's taste is also improved. When people decorate their homes, they pay more attention to the comfort of living instead of simple living. Wood floor is one the most popular decoration materials. Most people are fond of wood floor which is durable, environmental-friendly, beautiful, natural and cool in summer and warm in winter. There are so many wood species for wood flooring. Here I would like to share some main wood species in the market.



Oak is the most abundant form of hardwood around the globe. There are two types of oak wood, Red Oak and White Oak. Oak has a relatively bright mountain-shaped wood grain. It is flexible to be processed to a variety of curved shapes. And it is very easy to work with so when you are refinishing it can even be a DIY project. The hues of the Oak tree also make the flooring take well to several colors of dye. The richness of wood flooring adds warmth to any room. Varying in durability, grain patterns, textures, and color, your options can seem limitless.



There are a wide variety of maple tree species. This makes the flooring available in different grain patterns, and texture. Maple floors are beautiful because of the swirling grain patterns. They are even more expensive than Oak flooring materials. Maple floor is very suitable for young people who are purchasing a simple and contemporary style. As Maple flooring is hard to stain, it is better to go for the pre-finished maple planks.



Hickory flooring is both exquisite and durable. It has the hardness of medium to slightly hard, fiber fine structure and uniformity, strong toughness, especially in the anti-vibration and anti wear properties, with a bending resistance, corrosion resistance, has become the international precious furniture and the decoration materials, loved by the people.

The grain structure appears in strong and multiple knots. Hence, if you want a cleaner look, consider going for longer and broader planks. Small and numerous planks will make your space look noisy. The raw wood colors, on a single board, range from beige to brown to red.



Cherrywood is considered one of the softer hardwood flooring materials. However, it is a pricy flooring to pick. The surface of the wood is susceptible to light and darkens on exposure. This characteristic adds an aesthetic appeal to its already captivating deep reddish brown color.

The wood is suitable for homes and areas with little traffic, and also children and pets are more likely to cause damage to the beautiful wood.

The wood is also susceptible to damage from temperature and humidity due to its porosity. However, the shrinkage and expansion usually don’t affect the wood’s dimensional stability.

Cherry hardwood floors are also captivating because of the unique grain patterns. Make sure you choose floor boards wide enough to showcase the natural grain beauty. Also, although you can select a stained finish, you can also opt for clear finishing to leave the natural grain patterns as a design.

Remember to let the whole floor shade and settle in natural light before placing an area rug, preferably in five to six months.



Do not confuse the Black Walnut wood flooring from Brazilian Walnut wood, which is much harder, expensive and not as available. However, the Black Walnut is still as magnificent and not as cheap as oak, and it is easy to see why. The color of the wood is available in shades from light to dark brown, and the pattern of the grain creates a beautiful crisp finish that blends well with any design style especially because the floor plank’s grain patterns vary only slightly giving a consistent look.



Teak is known as the king of thousands of wood. It has high oil content but it is moisture-proof, insect-proof, anti-ant, and resistant to corruption. After a long time, oil spots of teak will gradually fade with the role of the sun, and the color will get more beautiful. Teak wood floor has good stability. Teak floor has a natural fragrance. This fragrance can purify air especially for spaces decorated for a short time. It also helps the residents to ease the mood and have a better sleep. Especially for elderly friends, it is very beneficial.