Oak maple and hickory floors, which one do you like best?

- Aug 15, 2019-

When choosing wood flooring, oak maple and hickory are some of the most popular options. And you can find each of them in either solid or engineered hardwood planks.

Each species comes in a variety of styles. And, like most other varieties of wood, they require occasional maintenance to keep them looking their best.They each have their own unique appeal, and each one is durable and moderately priced. These factors probably contribute to their popularity.

Red oak is the most common choice of homeowners. Its grains are medium to heavy and it has a rosy undertone.White oak has a linear grain that takes to stain smoothly and evenly. And maple has a smooth, almost creamy look. Hickory is commonly used as wider planks because of its bold, complex graining.

Oak is beautiful, but is also common.

This can be a bonus if you want flooring that will appeal to other home buyers down the road. Or, it can be a negative if you don’t like the idea of your floors looking like that of every other home in your neighborhood.

Maple, while still popular, is not as common in homes. However, applying a stain to maple is more difficult than staining oak.

In fact, if you use a clear-coat stain, it might even begin to yellow as it ages. But if you use a dark stain, it can appear uneven and blotchy due to the structural makeup of maple wood.

Fortunately, there are ways around the staining issue. You can either condition the wood first or go with a prefinished variety.

White oak and maple are more traditional looks for homes, hickory is not. And this can be good or bad.

Hickory has a very unique and distinctive look. And it is often sold in wider planks to highlight its grains.

Many people appreciate its attractive, one-of-a-kind appeal. However, not everyone does, so it could be a turn-off for potential home buyers.