Oak vs Maple Floors Pros and Cons

- Feb 01, 2021-

Oak vs Maple Floors Pros and Cons

Before you choose, understand what pros and cons you will be dealing with – from cleaning to maintenance, cost implications to installation charges, and much more.

Pros of Oak Hardwood Floors

The following are the advantages of oak flooring compared to maple.

The stability of oak floors is higher compared to that of maple, or even hickory in this case.

The aesthetic value of white oak floors is impressive and that is why it is a more common flooring option for homeowners preferring hardwood floors.

Oak stains very well, leaving the planks looking uniform and professionally done.

Oak is cheaper compared to maple, so if you’re building a home on a budget, this can fit in so well for you.

Cons of Oak Hardwood Floors

Despite the advantages, you may find oak wooden floors to have the following disadvantages:

Oak is a very heavy hardwood and as such, it can have serious effects on the floor especially if not installed by a thorough professional.

Blight is also a common problem with oak trees, and in some instances, it may affect the appearance and strength of the wood.

Advantages of Maple Wood Floors

Maple is by far the number one choice for most people constructing contemporary homes. It offers a variety of finishes to choose from while still giving impressive durability. Here are some of the pros of maple wood floors over oak.

Maple has a subtle grain structure, making it a great choice for finishing large and open spaces.

It is suitable for both high traffic and low traffic areas of the home.

Maple floors are more stable compared to wooden floors made of other species of hardwood trees.

Maple floors are more resistant to dents and surface scratches due to its’ little porosity.

Disadvantages of Maple

Even though maple is usually chosen over oak, it has its own downsides, some of which are as follows:

Despite the stability and hardness, some maple floors start to bend and twist faster than oak, especially in extreme weather conditions.

The color choice of your floor when it comes to maple may be a bit limited unless you choose from prefinished ones. If you’re looking to patch up a small area of your home, you may find it difficult to find the right color.

In conclusion, selecting between oak and maple hardwood flooring can be challenging. Each of these two species of trees makes hardwood flooring that comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. What you shouldn’t forget is that both maple and oak floors will require special maintenance to keep them looking great and even last long.