The difference between eco board and plywood

- Aug 21, 2018-

Eco-boards are semi-finished boards made in the past two or three years. Eco-boards do not mean boards made of pure logs or trees. In other words, eco-boards are also man-made or manually processed boards. They are based on particleboard, multi-plywood and blockboard, and are decorative boards made of exterior heat-pressed wood, which can be used for making. Writer's private, wardrobe cupboards and so on can also be used in construction and interior decoration. Because its cost is higher than that of plywood, it is generally not used as packing board.

Plywood is also a kind of man-made board, with glued veneer according to the direction of wood grain crisscross slab, heated or unheated conditions pressed. The number of layers is generally odd, and a few have even numbers. According to their different levels can be divided into five layers, three layers and seven-layer structure of the three plates, of which the five-layer structure is the most common, three-layer structure for the core board on both sides of each layer of veneer. The seven tier structure adopts double core board, and the double core board is made up of two single core boards joined by a single board. Double core boards are covered with two layers of veneers on each side. The physical and mechanical properties of plywood in vertical and horizontal direction are less different, which can improve the utilization rate of wood. It is a main way to save wood, and is also the most commonly used Linyi packaging board.