The way to choose the right wood floors

- Oct 14, 2019-

With design trends constantly changing, it’s hard to know what’s here to stay and what is yesterday’s news. Wood floors are at the top of the design trend list and are not going anywhere anytime soon. Here are some ways when you choose floors.

 The way to choose the right wood floors2 (1)

1. Decide what size of home will best suit your family

You have to know how many rooms you want to use wood floor, bedrooms, kitchen room, reading rood or living room? The size of your home should be the first consideration.

The way to choose the right wood floors2 (2)

2. Choose a floor based on your design style 

Everyone has their own design style and choosing a floor that meets your needs is essential. Do you like a more traditional style or a more modern style? Do you want unity overall or each different?

The way to choose the right wood floors3

3. Make your decision based on the daily life

When choosing a floor ensure you are basing your decision on how the home flows and feels functional for your daily activities. Don’t get puzzled by the popular trend of updated floors. For old people and children it’s better to choose wear-resistant and non-skid floor and for heavy traffic place floors durability should be considered.

The way to choose the right wood floors4

4. Ask a professional for guidance

While you may know what you want in your future home, a design professional could help you consider factors that aren’t tangible to the eye and touch. Factors such as energy savings/costs, possible affordability of mortgage payments, and maintenance experience are all factors that a professional can give their guidance on.