What are differences between multiply and 3-layer engineered wood flooring?

- Jul 03, 2019-

What is 3-layer engineered wood flooring?

3-layer Engineered Flooring is construction with grains running in different directions reduces the natural swelling and shrinking of the wood. The Surface layer Lamella is normally 3-4mm Sawn cut Premium Hardwood, with 9mm cross structure softwood pine and 2mm Back face poplar to achieve both Economy and Stability for the Engineered Flooring.


What is muti-ply engineered wood flooring?

Multi-ply Engineered wood flooring is made up with 3-6mm Hardwood veneer + quality plywood structure. The plywood is normally cross structure with 1.5mm thick of each ply in odd number (5 layer, 7 layer or 9 layers.) and with the back layer same grain direction to the Hardwood veneer/lamellas.

1. Flooring Specifications:

Multi-ply and 3-layer can achieve a lot of different specification of flooring.  But Multi-ply is more durable so it can support thicker/thinner and small/larger sizes. While 3-layer flooring can only achieve a small range of sizes:

Popular 3-layer Flooring specifications:

· 14/3 x 120 x 1200mm

· 14/3 x 190 x 1900mm

· 15/4 x 190 x 1900mm

Popular multi-ply Flooring specifications:

· 10/3 x 70 x 490mm (Herringbone)

· 10/4 x 90 x 450mm (Herringbone)

· 12/2 x 125 x 1200mm (Sliced/Rotary Veneer)

· 14/3 x 148 x 1860mm

· 15/4 x 190 x 1900mm

· 20/6 x 220 x 2200mm

· 20/6 x 260 x 2200mm

· 20/6 x 300 x 2200mm

2. Stability and Durability:

a. Plywood is stronger than softwood, So we normally consider multi-ply is stronger than 3-layer.  One interesting craft: If you look at the two ends of the 3-ply floor, they are also with the plywood structure to guarantee the edge is strong enough not broken.

b. For 3-layer flooring, the veneer can not be very thick or very thin. If the veneer is thick, the bottom softwood may not able to hold it well so the floor is very easy to get bowed or warping. If the veneer is very thin, as the middle layer base is in “cross-direction” of the Top veneer, It’s easy to see “horizontal line” on the surface, which is quite ugly.

3. The cost

The cost of Multi-ply is not always expensive than 3-ply, it depends on the core of base