What are laminated floors

- May 07, 2020-

Laminate floors are a hybrid floor covering consisting of a particleboard wood base topped by an image layer and a transparent wear layer. Laminate floors are a popular type of floor covering for homes' living areas, kitchens, dining areas, bedrooms, hallways, and other areas that are not subject to excessive moisture.

Laminate floors were invented in 1977 by the Swedish company Perstorp. This firm landed on the idea of using up waste wood projects by subjecting those products to intensely high pressure, heat, and binding chemicals, then turning the result into usable floor coverings. Since that time, many other manufacturers such as Dupont, Mannington, Armstrong, and Shaw now make laminate floors.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to clean

  • Scratch-resistant

  • Good for homes with pets and children

  • Inexpensive relative to other types of floor coverings


  • Moisture can swell the laminate floor base

  • Chips easily

  • Not suitable for bathrooms or laundry rooms