What are the characteristics of plywood?

- Aug 21, 2018-

Many people know that plywood is a thin plate, it is made of many layers of thin wood using glue bonding, but this kind of plywood in the furniture market occupies a certain position advantage. Then why is plywood making furniture so popular?

In fact, plywood is a kind of man-made board, using different wood processing molding, not only the price is relatively low, compared with real wood furniture in the price has certain advantages, so this is why many consumers choose plywood furniture.

Although all materials are made of wood, plywood is also a very environmentally friendly material, especially in this era of trends is very consistent, so many families to buy this furniture. In addition, plywood has outstanding heat resistance, weatherability and durability characteristics, so this feature compared to plywood is to increase its advantages, but also to strengthen its liking in people's hearts.