What Are The Differences Between Russian Oak And European Oak

- Jun 25, 2019-

European Oak

1.With more color variation.

2.Chaotic grains distribution (sometimes)

3.Large knots in star-like shape. Better work for rustic look.

4.European Oak veneers are normally made by “Band saw”, and lamellas are dried after cut.

Russian Oak

1.    Cleaner and clearer color and grain.

2.    Sapwood for lower grade and obvious color differences

3.    Easier to get higher grade without knots.

4.    Russian Oak normally comes from “Frame saw” on the Kiln dried timber material.

Tannic Acid

Russian oak has less tannic acid inside, European oak has more, this will only influence if your floor needs fumigation, after fumigation, the appearance will be different. normally European oak looks darker & better. And Because of the tannic acid, For European oak we can do many different style “chemical treatment”, Which Russian oak can not.

Generally Speaking

A.Russian oak is more premium grade, clear surface, less knots. less color variation. European Oak looks much rustic. So normally our AB grade is Russian oak and CD grade is European oak.
b. Russian oak has less tannic acid inside, and European oak has more, this will only influence if your color need to do fumigation, after fumigation, the appearance will be different. normally European oak looks better.
c. for unfinished floor, the grain looks slightly different.