What Are The Walnut Flooring Advantages

- Sep 25, 2020-

Walnut is a hardwood that is exceptionally durable, not to mention very attractive. Walnut wood flooring is therefore a great choice for almost any home. While the cost of this type of flooring may be higher than other types of wood, it is also likely to last significantly longer. The appearance of the wood will be unique, as the grain will be prominently showcased depending on what type of finish is used on the wood. Using a hardwood such as walnut will also likely add to the overall value of the home.

Some hardwood floors cannot be mopped without damaging the wood itself. The water can seep into the wood and cause rot or even mold, but walnut wood flooring is low-maintenance because mopping is an option. Walnut tends to resist water damage and mold, as well as bug infestations that can potentially harm the wood. A homeowner can simply mop the floor without needing to treat the floor with other chemicals that will protect it from rot and other damage. As a hardwood, this flooring is also more resistant to damage such as chipping and cracking.

Generally speaking, walnut wood flooring is easy to install, and a homeowner can do the project himself in many cases. The plants are usually sold in large quantities, and instructions are usually included with the purchase. Once the subfloor is in place, the walnut planks can be fitted together fairly easily to create the entire floor structure. Damage to the individual planks is less likely with walnut wood flooring because of the strength of the wood and the process of treating the wood after it is harvested.

Walnut also tends to have a dark appearance, though variation in color can occur. One of the advantages of a darker grained wood is the ability to hide dirt well. As the floor begins to wear or accrue dirt, the floor will still appear characteristically beautiful; it can be cleaned easily as well to prevent the buildup of dirt and grime that can ultimately damage the wood in the long run. The necessity for regular maintenance will be less likely with walnut than with other woods that are more susceptible to dirt damage, water damage, and cracking or warping. Walnut is also a stable wood, which means it can be used over radiant flooring without risking damage to the floor.