what are uses of plywood

- Jun 19, 2019-

Plywood is a very common building material notable for its strength and durability. It is manufactured by sandwiching together thins sheets of wood. These thins sheets are called plies. The plies are laid across each other at 90-degree angles and then glued together. To bond the sheets permanently, the plywood is baked at high temperature and pressure. The quality of the plies of wood used as inputs determines the quality of the finished piece of plywood. Plywood is generally rated according to four grades, A, B, C, and D. It is also rated for interior and exterior use. Generally speaking, there are four types of plywood.


Structural Plywood

Structural plywood which is used for permanent structural applications. Structural plywood is a material that should be able to withstand full weather exposure and a lot of stress.


Internal Structures


Shipping Crates

Wall bracing

Roof bracing


Exterior Plywood

Exterior f plywood is bound together by a water-resistant glue and is typically for outdoor use. While exterior plywood is water-resistant, it is still recommended to finish the surface of with paint to help it be more durable against elements like the sun.

Suitable applications for exterior plywood are:


Outdoor floorings

Roof linings



Interior Plywood

Interior plywood and its purpose is more aesthetic than durability. Interior plywood is mainly used indoors and should not be exposed to the outdoor elements as it will degrade quickly.

Here are some suitable uses for interior plywood:

Indoor furniture


Interior cladding


Marine plywood

Marine plywood and it is used for a very specific purpose – areas needing some major waterproofing.

Marine plywood has a high-stress grade and is resistant to rot in high moisture places.

Following are some of the major uses of marine plywood: