what is chevron flooring

- Dec 20, 2019-

Chevron design is a characteristic flooring pattern. It can be recognized by its “V” shape. It is a symbol that has been popular for a long time. Chevrons are used to indicate the rank or service on uniforms worn by police officers. They are also commonly used in interior design and heraldry. Interestingly, they have originally been used on pottery and in rock carvings. The first evidence of the existence of this style dates back to 1800 BC. Chevron originated in Greece which has historic evidence of the earliest use of this pattern. However, more recent cases where it was used have been discovered in France, in the heraldry of Normandy. It is most probable that chevron flooring has its roots right there.

chevron floor (2)

Compared with the common wood floor, the chevron floor is very decorative. Especially suitable for large and complex spaces, which can make the room groovy unique and give a retro and stylish aesthetic.

 chevron floor (1)

Using each small unit of plank to achieve the splicing in the flower, such as horizontal dark and light color differences, longitudinal core material and sapwood texture differences, chevron floor breaks the visual partition between the room.

 chevron floor (3)

Chevron floor brings a unique paving effect, and it can strengthen the advantages of  wear-resistant and easy to maintain.