What is engineered wood flooring?

- Jan 09, 2020-

It is a man-made product consisting of layered wood in a crossed fashion and held together by epoxies and adhesives, then pressed under tremendous pressure and heat. The top layer of engineered hardwood is a thick hardwood – veneer stained and sealed.

Eco-friendly uv oiled oak engineered wood flooring6

The core of the engineered hardwood consists of other wood materials pressed in layers. The core can contain up to ten different plywood and pressed composite wood layers. Layers have the wood grain laid perpendicular layer, by layer.

gray floor

The cores of the engineered hardwood planks are designed in such a way that the layers deter twisting because of the opposing grain placement.

parquet floors (2)

Engineered hardwood, like real hardwood, comes in many different hardness types, thickness types, and colors. Among the common hardwoods available are walnut, hickory, oak, maple, and etc.