What is french oak

- Apr 06, 2021-

French Oak is one of three main oak types, including American Oak and Hungarian/ Eastern European Oak, used for making wine barrels. There are two types of white oak species grown in France - Quercus Patraea and Quercus Robur, both species of oak are found in France’s Limousin forest, while only Quercus Patraea is found in the other forests of Allier, Nevers, Tronçais and Vosages. Patraea is the most common species used for making wine barrels, because it is considered the finer of the two species.

French oak imparts subtle, softer flavors into the wine. It is often used for both red and white wines, and is soft enough for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay aging - it’ll add to the wine without overpowering it.