What is live sawn hardwood flooring?

- Oct 21, 2020-

What is live sawn hardwood flooring?

Live sawn milling is the most efficient way to cut a log into flooring planks. Employing a century-old European technique, it involves making straight cuts through the log in one direction without changing the orientation of the log.

Producing a blend of rift, quarter, and plain sawn wood, live sawn hardwood flooring is the most unique milling method. It provides the surface of the flooring with a stunning cathedral appearance that accentuates the grain and character variations in the log for a truly distinctive look.

What are the benefits of live sawn hardwood flooring?

  • Stunning appearance: live sawn milling provides the wood with an exquisite cathedral appearance.

  • It is the most sustainable option: live sawn milling harvests the maximum amount of wood from the log.

  • Durability: live sawn hardwood flooring is a highly durable wide-plank flooring option as it includes both a radial and tangential grain for optimal stability.

  • Range of color options: because live sawn hardwood takes on a finish extremely well, homeowners have a wide variety of color options to choose from.

  • No gaps: live sawn flooring doesn’t have any gaps between planks where dust or other allergens can get trapped.